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 Piano Lessons Stroud               


Piano Lessons available via Piano Lessons Stroud

in Stroud, Gloucestershire and the Bisley/Bussage/ Chalford areas of Stroud.


All ages and abilities.


Taught either at your home or at my house in Stroud.


Prices as follows (but do check out the Special Offers tab for available discounts):


20 Minute Lessons for Younger Pupils:

11.00 if taken at my house

16.50 if taken elsewhere


30 Minute Lessons
  This is the lesson that the vast majority of pupils require at the beginning:

13.25 if taken at my house

19.80 if taken elsewhere


45 Minute Lessons for those taking lower grades:

18.75 if taken at my house

28.25 if taken elsewhere


60 Minute Lessons for those taking higher grades, or need a longer lesson to practise for lower grades:

24.45 if taken at my house

36.75 if taken elsewhere


Theory Lessons - Prices as above.  May be taken as a joint lesson along with the piano lesson at the 60 Minute price, ie half-an-hour of Piano Lesson and half-an-hour of Theory or in a Group at the Group rate - see 'Music Theory Lessons' tab.  These are definitely recommended - and a 'must' if you intend doing exams - but not necessary in order to have piano lessons.


Grades undertaken if required - 100% Pass rate.


Discounts available for group lessons and advance payment.  See the 'Specal Offers' Tab.





Contact:   Elizabeth-Anne Ponting

               Piano Lessons Stroud

Tel:             07910 016 565/01453 759 757










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